Elementor #38

You Have Come To This Site Because You Wish To Learn How To Blog

When I first wanted to learn how to blog. I found it hard despite searching. Everywhere I looked to me seemed very hard to understand. I eventually mentioned this to a friend of mine who knew how to blog but knew very little about creating the actual website that would be needed for me to blog. Unfortunately the only option  was for me to pay someone to create the website for me and nearly 9 years ago the cost of creating a website was very high as there where not manypeople who knew how to create websites.

So What Can I Do I Hear Yourself Asking!

There are a few options. You could teach yourself how to create a website and then you could teach yourself how to Blog. You could Pay someone to teach you. You could even pay someone to create a website for you but,

I have a better idea for you. I think that everyone should start at the very begining.

What Do You Mean!

Well. What I mean by starting at the begining. At the very begining. You need to choose and buy a Domain Name, then you need to purchase some Hosting (Hosting means that you need somewhere to host your website online so everyone can see it). Then you need to create a website. You need to protect your website from some unsavoury characters as, thousands of websites are hacked everyday, I know. Some time ago, all my sites were hacked, it cost me over 3 years of work creating all the websites. You need to create an auotomatic backup. You need to add some Plugins and a Theme.

Do not worry. There Is An Easier Way.